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Q2 News

Yes, we do! To be clear, we accept children with disabilities on a case-by-case basis. Depending on care requirements, there may be fees in addition to monthly tuition.

The first two weeks at First Things is a trial to ensure fit. We want all parties–you, your child, us–to be secure and happy with your decision to enroll.

As for as finding the “right” daycare, your child may be happy anywhere there’s a big TV and lots of toys (LOL). But you probably expect more.

That’s why tours are so important.

When you visit us, you can ask questions… even hard ones. You can watch how your child interacts with the space.

Ultimately, after due diligence (recommendations, research) you have to go with your gut. The way you feel during the initial tour is a good indicator of how you’ll feel, daily, once your child enrolls.