My name is Mike Devaney.

I’m the owner and director of First Things.

During tours, parents often ask about my credentials.

So, I thought I’d list them here before the testimonials, for context.

Montana requires employees of licensed daycares to register with the state’s Early Childhood Project (ECP).

The ECP tracks working hours and educational training. It’s they who classify me as a director. 

Prior to opening First Things, I was a lead teacher at another daycare on the west end. During that time, I took classes in early childhood development from Northern Nazarene University.

Most importantly, I’m a Dad myself.

Kids are not a mystery to me, at least most of the time. I live with four of them!

K just celebrated his 6th birthday. He is doing phenomenal in school. Going into kindergarten, he knew most of his ABC’s which put him ahead of a lot of his classmates- thanks to you helping the children with that. He is reading at a first grade level- which allows him to help his classmates read when they are in their designated reading groups.

I really cannot say thank you enough for preparing him for kindergarten. He has made lots of new friends.

— A.G., mother of former student.

Michael was a very positive influence on our children.

During outdoor activities, he taught them to play soccer. It was much more than kicking the ball. He taught them teamwork, good sportsmanship, how to encourage other players and how to lose gracefully.

He’s incredibly patient with children.

— C.H. Assistant Director, Open Bible Christian Center, Billings, MT

I worked with Michael for more than a year. Generally, we oversaw 14-18 kids, ages 5-10.

One of the traits I appreciate about Michael is his calm demeanor. When the kids were acting out, he calmly let them know they’d be getting a time out if they continued or he would ask them to move away from the situation.

He did this with such a calm nature, the kids would immediately respond and change their behavior.

— J. L. Open Bible Christian Center, Billings, MT

Mr. Mike is great with the kids! He teaches reading and writing skills. He has a great way of engaging with the kids. Lots of learning and outdoor playtime! The facility is extremely clean and organized. My nephew looks forward to going to what he calls ‘Big School’! Check it out!!

— K.C., aunt of current student, Billings, MT

N has become more confident. He’s learned to write and is now reading simple books. He appreciates being outdoors more and is also stronger. You truly have a fantastic program and I’m grateful to have found it. It was a wonderful experience.

— A. M., mother of former student, Billings, MT

Whatever you’re doing… keep doing. He loved coming there and normally he didn’t want to leave the house. Very happy we chose your school.

— R.G., father of former student, Billings, MT

No electronics! That was number one for us. Of course, L would have liked to have tablets or movies, but this was such a better environment.

T. S., mother of former student, Billings, MT

I love that you let him bring toys from home… so fun!

— B.P., mother of current student, Billings, MT

She cleans up better at home now because of you. It’s great.

— D.M., father of current student, Billings, MT

Whoa! This place is nice! I didn’t even know it was here!

— Records Inspector, Riverstone Clinic, Billings, MT
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P.S. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read my book The Kid Drank the Coffee for free. The artwork alone (not mine!) is worth a look.