What makes our daycare unique?

First Things Child Care is a Billings, MT daycare with the educational opportunities of a high-caliber preschool.

Each day, year round, your child will practice reading the old-fashioned way (phonics). He or she will write what they read (sounds, letters, and words).

Daily, your child will count out loud and learn to recognize numbers. He or she will memorize dozens of fun songs, including traditional and Christian ones.

The result?

Your child will grow and develop more than you thought was possible at their tender age. That’s true whether your child attends for a few months or a few years.

And if your child isn’t ready to learn?

That’s OK.

We do not apply pressure on the kids to learn or produce anything.

As it happens, our low-stimulation environment is a perfect setup for learning.

But progress and victories come in all sizes. For some children, sitting still for a 4-minute reading lesson is a breakthrough.

(We’ll celebrate it!)

It might surprise you, but daily lessons actually have a calming effect on most children.

Lessons help them tell time.

They get used to the routine.

And they enjoy the challenge of learning.

daycare lead teacher

Great, but what about fun, play, and other kid stuff?

Glad you asked!

Frankly, at First Things, most of the day is spent playing. Unstructured free play as well as organized games.

We draw lots of pictures, make the occasional craft, and do seasonal events like Easter-egg hunts.

Regardless of the type of play, we are always watching the clock. Simple transitions help us manage your child’s energy and emotions.

(Daycare can feel very looong for kids if the schedule is loose. Too much play = too much of a good thing!)

Your child will leave with you at the end of the day neither exhausted nor hyper.

Outdoor play

Outside is especially awesome at First Things. Most days, including winter, your child will spend two to three hours in the fresh air.

The play space has a natural design, with lots of wood, rocks, and sand. There’s plenty of room for your child to run, socialize, or spend a few minutes alone.

In the summer, we use the lawn for sprinkler runs and splash-pad romps. The rest of the year, we use it to race, dig holes, look for bugs, and play games (e.g., soccer, freeze tag, scavenger hunt, follow-the-leader).

outdoor play at the daycare
natural playground

First Things Child Care is licensed by the State of Montana’s DPHHS.

Our employees undergo background checks and training before starting work.

The daycare has indoor and outdoor cameras. You are always welcome to review them.

Why not schedule your tour today?

We’re in the Heights, one block east of Main St., behind Taco Bell.

705 Lincoln Lane. 59105.

Call the office at 406-534-3442 or shoot us an email at info@firstthingschildcare.com.

Best to you,

Mike Devaney


(*Be sure to ask about our referral program. You’ll earn a reward when a student enrolls because of your recommendation.)

Child Care: Billings, MT compared

DaycareFirst Things Child CareNursery School
HoursvariesM-F, 7am-6pm2-3X, half days
Teaches ReadingnoYesno
Teaches WritingnoYesno
Bible StoriesvariesYesvaries
Outdoor PlayusuallyYesvaries
Music AppreciationnoYesvaries
Best BeginningsvariesNono
TV, movies, video gamesyesNono
Staffing RatiolowLowlow
Crafts, Games, Free PlayyesYesyes