We’re a Screen-Free Billings Daycare with Lots of Outdoor Time. Perfect for Kids Outgrowing Babysitters and In-Home Daycares.

"You truly have a fantastic program and I’m grateful to have found it. It was a wonderful experience."
"I’ve noticed big changes in her since we started. She’s talking a lot more… and better, too."
"Whatever you’re doing… keep doing. He loved coming there and normally he didn’t want to leave the house. Very happy we chose your school."

Welcome parents of kids ages 2+ to 6’ish,

We’re a different kind of Billings daycare (Heights), two minutes from Target, MetraPark, Albertsons, and Gainan’s Greenhouse.

You’ll find everything here that you’d expect at a regular daycare: free play, games, circle time, naptime, singing, lunch, and snacks.

(What you won’t find is a TV, movie screen, or tablet.

Frankly, kids don’t miss screen time when they have other options.

And they have lots of good options here!)

daycare in billings preschool learning

But there’s more, too, because at this Billings daycare…

We teach your child to love reading before Kindergarten

Enrolling now for Summer 2024

You can find out daycare specifics on the About page.

Don’t worry if your child has no interest in reading, stories, or even sitting still.

He or she will still benefit tremendously from our program.

Truth be told, almost any kid would do well in our high-energy, low-stimulus environment.

Our schedule is the “secret sauce.”

It’s the careful mix of learning, free play, and outdoor time that makes kids grow in ability, confidence, and positive social skills.

kid playing and learning

Be sure to scan the testimonials from happy parents and colleagues.

When you’re ready, call to schedule your no-pressure, no-obligation tour:

705 Lincoln Lane, Billings, Montana 59105

First Things Child Care

705 Lincoln Lane, Billings, MT 59105

(Park on Lincoln Lane or the lot on Joyce St. Entry is on the south side of the building.)

Office: 406-534-3442

Email: info@firstthingschildcare.com

(Please note that we don’t accept Best Beginnings. We are not an after-school or drop-in care provider. Tuition ranges from $575 to $825 per month depending on options.)

drawing with chalk at Billings daycare
kid's craft with assistant teacher
playing with water at billings daycare

Yes, we do! To be clear, we accept children with disabilities on a case-by-case basis. Depending on care requirements, there may be fees in addition to monthly tuition.

The first two weeks at First Things is a trial to ensure fit. We want all parties–you, your child, us–to be secure and happy with your decision to enroll.

As for as finding the “right” daycare, your child may be happy anywhere there’s a big TV and lots of toys (LOL). But you probably expect more.

That’s why tours are so important.

When you visit us, you can ask questions… even hard ones. You can watch how your child interacts with the space.

Ultimately, after due diligence (recommendations, research) you have to go with your gut. The way you feel during the initial tour is a good indicator of how you’ll feel, daily, once your child enrolls.

We have no mandatory drop off time. Drop your child off early or late, whichever fits your schedule. When you register your child at First Things, we reserve a spot for him or her. The only thing required is that you sign in your child at drop off.